Payout Policy


We aim to credit your wallet with prizes you have won on the App as soon as possible after the relevant Challenge, Tournament or League has completed. Prizes may be delayed or withheld in the event of any relevant dispute. Please see our match rules for further details relating to disputes between Players.



We aim to process and pay any withdrawals as quickly as possible (and, provided we have no reason to withhold funds in accordance with this policy and/or our legal and regulatory requirements, within 3 business days). Withdrawals should be made to a debit card or credit card that is linked to your Wallet. In the event that you need to make a withdrawal to a different source, please contact us at but please note that any such withdrawal will be subject to additional security checks.

In the interests of security and compliance we may require you to verify your identity or your bank card or bank account details before any withdrawal is authorised (particularly in the event that the bank card/account has only recently been linked to your Versus Account/Wallet).

We place the utmost importance on protecting our Players’ funds and legal rights. As such, you accept that your withdrawal may be delayed in the event that:

  • we need to verify your identity or bank details;
  • you are involved in a relevant dispute with another Player;
  • you are resident in a country outside the UK; or
  • we suspect you have breached our terms and conditions (and in the event we discover that such a breach has given rise to winnings that you are attempting to withdraw, we shall be entitled to cancel your withdrawal and withhold such funds).

You may cancel a withdrawal up until the point at which it has been accepted and processed by us. Once processed, the Versus Coins relating to your withdrawal will have been transferred back into real money (in accordance with our terms and conditions) and these funds will be on their way to your chosen bank account.


Contact us

We will only depart from this policy in extraordinary circumstances and at our sole discretion.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or encounter any issues in trying to make withdrawals from your Wallet.